Justin Bieber murder plot by New Mexico inmate uncovered, foiled

A murder plot aimed at Justin Bieber has been uncovered in New Mexico, according to authorities. An inmate incarcerated there reportedly set his sights on the Canadian pop star from behind bars.A police affidavit indicated that inmate Dana Martin “had become infatuated” with Bieber, and wore a tattoo of the young man on his leg. Martin had been convicted of the 2000 murder of 15-year-old Deandra Fluorucci, but sent two individuals, Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane, to Vermont in the hopes of killing off witnesses to that murder.
Additionally, the affidavit pointed out, Martin’s “ultimate target was J.B.” or, Justin Bieber. 
The alleged plot would have involved Staake and Ruane reaching Bieber while he was recently in New York City for his Madison Square Garden shows, then killing and castrating Bieber and his bodyguard. The plot came undone when Martin confessed to police about his plansThe suspects now face two counts of conspiracy to commit murder, and two counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated battery. 
On TODAY Thursday, NBC News’s Andrea Canning reported that while they were unable to reach Bieber’s representatives, his camp has been quoted in the press saying that they take every precaution to protect Justin’s safety and the safety of his fans.
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I know we all look at fame and money being perfect.  But this is a good reason to see why it’s not all roses.  He needs to watch his back cause people are crazy.  I don’t know how he went from no one knowing his name to the huge star Justin Bieber and be able to deal with it.  It seems like it would be so overwhelming to live that kind of life.  It’s like they say when your doing what you love it doesn’t feel like work and it makes all the hard work and troubles worth it.  I hope he stays safe and watch his back.  DON’T MESS WITH JUSTIN.  Damn, people are crazy as fu*k.  Leave the boy alone. Just Sayin’

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