I am sorry, but nobody better say that Demi can’t sing.  She should be judging a singing show because she knows what’s she’s talking about.  You know you can sing when you can sit in one spot and sing and nobody misses back up dancers. This  girl can blow.  I have been trying to find a video of Britney Spears doing a show just sitting and singing without backup dancers but I haven’t been able to locate one. But, when I find it you’ll be the first to know.  Don’t get me wrong I love me some Britney Spears she is an Awesome performer, but come on…..she is not the best singer. Just Saying.  But, Demi….she is another story, that’s why she is one of my favs.…..Just Sayin’.

Check out some Awesome Britney Spears Performances

Britney Spears.Com

Demi Lovato is on tour this summer with Special Guests Hot Chelle Rae

 and Owl City. Get info and tix at
Official Site –

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