Did Rihanna Dump Chris Brown, Again!

To be honest with you, we’re getting to the point where we really think that Rihanna is using her Twitter feed exclusively to mess with us. Oh, and to tweet bikini selfies. But otherwise it’s mostly to keep us guessing about the state of her relationship with Chris Brown. Days after accidentally sharing a night club with Breezy’s ex Karrueche Tran, something seems to have gone down between the controversial couple, because Rihanna set her Twitter feed on fire with some furious tweets.

“Boys will be boys!!! Cause they can’t be men,” she wrote this morning, and yesterday sheposted a picture on Instagram with text that read “I have to stop saying ‘How stupid can you be’ I think people are starting to take it as a challenge.” A second one soon followed that read ”You can have results or excuses not both,” with a caption simply saying “Choices.” We’re not sure what’s up, but Riri seems pissed!

var linkwithin_site_id = 923767; Although it’s not certain that they’re directed towards Brown (how many times have we written that sentence when dealing with Ri’s dating life?) there are some who feel that Rihanna is angry with the amount of time Brown has been spending with Karrueche. Although he dumped her back in October so that he could get closer to Rihanna, she continues to crop up in his life. They attended a trade show in Ireland together on the 6th to promote their clothing line, and she was spotted at Brown’s home on the 8th. Insiders claim that Rihanna is totally not threatened by his time with Karrueche, but some of these tweets seem to suggest otherwise!Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


I think she hates how much she loves him…I’m Just Sayin’


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