Online child-sex sting nabs two teachers and two school employees who ‘wanted to have sex with teens ages 11 to 15’

Janitor Anthony Wilks and teacher Duncan St. Gelais were among those arrested in the sting
Translator David Miller and science teacher Jorge Daniel Ferreira also face charges

An online child-sex sting has netted 50 arrests, including two teachers and two school employees in Central Florida. 

‘Operation Cardea’ targeted criminals using the internet to sexually exploit children. 

The suspects were arrested over the past week, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. 

Jorge Daniel Ferreira, a science teacher at Ocoee Middle School, was among those arrested.

Ferreira has been with the school district since 2002. When he was hired, he passed a Florida Department of Law Enforcement background check.

David Miller, a translator with Orange County Schools, was also arrested. 

Others included Duncan St. Gelais, a teacher at New Smyrna Beach High School in Volusia County and Anthony Wilks, a janitor with Seminole County Schools.

To pull off the sting, investigators went online posing as teens or parents and communicated with the suspects. 

Several suspects sent in photos with sexual subject matter. 

Teachers: Along with the four men in education, 50 in total were busted attempting to have sex with an underage girl

All 50 men went to a house in Seminole County under the impression they would meet and have sex with teens ages 11 to 15. 

Each will be charged with traveling to meet a minor for sex and soliciting a minor for sex. 

The sheriff’s office used 200 investigators and worked with more than a dozen law enforcement agencies to make the arrests. 

The sting, ‘Operation Cardea’ was named after a Roman goddess who protected homes. 



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