Justin Bieber Flashes His Butt on Instagram, Internet Goes Wild

Oh that Justin Bieber. The star set the Internet ablaze Saturday night by, well, flashing his butt on camera. Beliebers were undoubtedly over the moon thanks to the cheeky star. 

The Biebs posted a picture of his bare bottom on Instagram and, of course, within minutes the snapshot had over 15,000 likes and 2,700 comments. Then it was taken down.
Perhaps it was the 18-year-old’s manager Scooter Braun who nixed the picture or maybe it was his mom. Both follow the star on Instagram. Braun joked about the incident in a later comment, writing: “As a prankster you have to respect another good prank. Only makes sense. #crackdealer.” Bieber responded with a simple “haha.”

No comment from mom Pattie Mallette, so far. But, we highly doubt such an incident would get the teen grounded or anything — especially because he’s in the middle of his Believe tour and this is hardly the most scandalous
 picture of the star that’s shown up on the Web.

Anyway, now everyone knows what the Biebs’ butt looks like. And, perhaps thanks to the shot, he’s taking a crack (couldn’t resist!) at dethroning Lady Gaga as the celeb with the most Twitter followers. He’s well over 33 million this weekend.

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