Super Bowl 2013 Ads Come from these Advertisers

The Super Bowl 2013 is on February 3, 2013. We still do not know which teams will play on Super Bowl Sunday, but the line-up of Super Bowl 2013 Advertisers is already pretty complete.

There are many familiar companies that keep advertising year after year at the Super Bowl despite the higher cost of up to $4.0 million CBS is charging for Super Bowl 2013 30 seconds ad slots.
The list of 2013 Super Bowl advertisers also contains new advertisers including SodaStream, The Lincoln Motor Company, Gildan and Wonderful Pistachios.
We will continue to update the list of which companies will advertise in the Super Bowl 2013 until the Big Game. Of course our Super Bowl Ads for Geeks Guide will also publish all Super Bowl Ads online as 
soon as they are released.
Movie Studios will definitely be back at the Super Bowl 2013 with tons of trailers of new blockbuster movies.
The movie Super Bowl Ads are the last to be unveiled and often we do not know ahead of the Super Bowl which trailer will run. We got though already some Super Bowl 2013 movie theater confirmations listed below.
Super Bowl 2013 Advertisers:
(last Update: 01/27/13, Click Links to Get Details)

Chrysler Super Bowl Ad
M&M’s Super Bowl Ad
Oreo Super Bowl Ad
Pizza Hut Super Bowl Ad
Samsung Super Bowl Ad
SodaStream Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl 2013 Movie Trailers:

Fast & Furious 6 Super Bowl Movie Trailer
Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Movie Trailer
The Super Bowl 2013 will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2013 in New Orleans. Super Bowl Ads for Geeks will again offer full coverage about the Super Bowl Ads ahead and during the Super Bowl XLVII. See all confirmed Super Bowl 2013 Advertisers and the latest Super Bowl 2013 Ads announcements.
Until Game day, which will bring the new 2013 Super Bowl Ads you can check out the Super Bowl 2012 Ads.

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