Actress Amanda Bynes calls Jay Z ugly….

The actress posted this on her twitter page and deleted it a few minutes later after she was bashed by Jay Z fans and people who found it offensive. She took it down but didn’t apologize or offer an explanation. This is someone’s rich son. 

 How rude.  Okay, okay he is not the most attractive man on the the planet but damn he’s one of the richest, talented person who seems to believe treating others with respect is a good thing. And, I’m damn sure that his family is proud of him……what about her family……are they proud.  She should learn a little from him. 

Who is Amanda Bynes again? She hasn’t been relevant in the industry for years. My mother taught me that People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…..

Honey, babe,sweetie, C’mon now, this man stands next to the President of the United States and you stand next to the police.

 Now someone needs to take her phone away, she shouldn’t be tweeting while druggin’. You know me I’m Just Sayin’.

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