Kobe Bryant Appears In This New Nike Commercial That Just Started Airing In China

If you think Kobe Bryant is popular in the United States, you should see the reception that he gets in China. Almost every summer, he makes a trip to China to promote his Nike signature sneaker, and the people there love him for it. They show up at the airport to greet him. They flock to each and every event that he hosts. And, they treat him like a rock star. So, it should come as no surprise to hear that Nike uses that to their advantage by utilizing him early and often to help promote their sneakers.

The latest example comes in the form of a Nike China commercial called “Give Me the Ball.” In the commercial, a young kid dreams about all the fame, fortune, and power that comes along with being an international basketball star. He thinks about getting drafted into the NBA, playing alongside someone like Kobe, and making millions of dollars to play professionally. Of course, he does this by showcasing his skills in a pair of Nikes and by being the best at his position in China. But, he needs more than just that to be successful—he needs the ball. So, Kobe is shown passing the rock off to him at one point. 

Watch the clip below:


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