‘I shall spank!’ Nick Cannon takes to Twitter to rant about being tough on his twins… and declares he’s stricter than wife Mariah Carey

Family time: Nick and his wife Mariah Carey will soon be celebrating their children's second birthday in April

Most parents today have turned away from corporal punishment.
But Nick Cannon vowed on his Twitter on Saturday that he’ll do what it takes to keep his 22-month-old twins Monroe and Moroccan from acting out.
‘I was spanked therefore I shall spank,’ he wrote on the microblogging site. 

‘My momma did a good job! LOL.’
The 32-year-old, who has been married to singer Mariah Carey since 2008, further explained his tough tactics, ranting that he’ll be sure to avoid spoiling his tots.
‘Spare the rod, spoil the child! That’s what’s wrong with the kids today, The time out generation has no real discipline,’ he wrote, capping off his statement with the hashtag ‘#oldmanvoice.’
The America’s Got Talent host first caught flack on Wednesday when he told Us Weekly that he is preparing for when his twins hit the terrible twos.
Although the TV star was clearly joking as he said: ‘I got my belt out already! It’s ready.’
On who’s the tougher parent, Nick was quick to put Mariah in the back seat. ‘Who do you think? Me! I don’t play that!’
He continued, saying while Mariah may not make the move, he’s not afraid to get physical when his children get out of line.
‘[Mariah] doesn’t need to handle it, because that’s what daddies are for,’ he told TMZ.
Tough tactics: It wasn't clear whether or not Nick was joking when he tweeted on Saturday that he would spank his children
And though they’re only turning two in April, he’s already making precautions for the day it comes to dating. 
‘My son can date at, like, three if he wants, but my daughter – never,’ he proclaimed.

Nick and Mariah have also revealed that they’re ready to add to their growing brood, telling New York Daily News last month that the pair spent their Valentine’s Day ‘making some more babies.’



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