‘The Bible’: Does The Devil Look Too Much Like President Barack Obama?

The History Channel has found itself at the center of a controversy of biblical proportions — literally. The March 17 installment of its new miniseries The Bible revealed the face of Satan for the first time, and some viewers think he bears an uncanny resemblance to President Barack Obama!

Anyone else think the Devil in #TheBible Sunday on HIstory Channel looks exactly like That Guy?” tweeted former FOX News personality Glenn Beck.
(I won’t get into how absurd it is that Glenn referred to Obama as “that guy,” unless of course, Glenn was just trying to avoid a lawsuit. But in this case, I’m inclined to think Glenn might actually have a point.)
Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time a cable series has been accused of unfortunate misrepresentation. HBO’s Game of Thrones was accused of “killing ” former president George W. Bush when the DVD commentary for the show’s first season pointed out that one of the staked heads looked an awful lot like the once-Commander in Chief.
It’s not a choice, not a political statement!” one of the show’s writers said during the commentary. “We just had to use what heads we had around.”

The Bible’ Scores Huge Ratings

Whether or not the Devil’s Obama resemblance was intentional, the similarity was seen by a staggering number of people.
More than 13 million people tuned in for the first installment of the mini-series, and ratings for subsequent episodes have also been impressive.
Okay, so your telling me that out of everyone in the world the devil could resemble, it had to be President Barack Obama. Whatever, That crap was intentional. Just Sayin

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