Selena Gomez’s New Single ‘Rule The World’ — About Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez is taking a leaf out of her BFF Taylor Swift‘s book, by writing an awesome break up song! The beautiful Disney princess’ hot new single has dropped, and in it she sings about how Justin Bieber did her wrong. Selena’s new song includes the lyrics “I’m lonely, half way dead”, “Forget you ever knew my name” and “Just go away.” Is Selena totally dissing Justin?

Selena, 20, recently admitted in a new interview that her new album would be a “fun, dance” record, and it looks like she has totally moved on from her relationship with Justin!

“It is so much fun,” Selena told Teen Vogue. “I made a huge fun dance record that I’m so proud of. I got to record twenty or so great songs and work with a bunch of different producers and they’re all really fun, pop songs; a little Ellie Goulding-ish, a little island-y feel. It’s a really fun pop record. I’m super stoked for it. It’s kind of been hush-hush about it and I’m excited for the single to come out and for my fans to hear it.”
Selena is so dissing Justin in this new song! She sings about how he “broke” her, and how she just wants the pain to go away. Read the lyrics  to the song below!

Rule the world Lyrics

I told I told I told myself again
I’m never running back on world I said
Trying not to roam but you’re so… far away
So far away
Won’t listen to the conscious in my head
I’m conscious but I’m lonely, half way dead
Tired of the things you never, you never said
You never said
Our love was made to rule the world
You came and broke the perfect girl
Our love was made to rule the world
Our love was made to rule the world
You left me wanting what we were
Our love was made to rule the world
Forget forever
Forget forever
Forget you ever knew my name
My name, my name, my name
I know I know I know we can pretend
Though we were never lovers in the end
I try to tell myself this pain would go away
Just go away

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