Amanda Bynes Tweets Raunchy Message to Drake

Amanda Bynes does crazier things each day. Yesterday, Mar. 21, she decided to send out a raunchy tweet directed at the rapper Drake. Maybe she forgot that the whole world can read her tweets

Amanda Bynes Raunchy Tweet To Drake

I want @drake to murder my vagina,” Amanda tweeted.
It’s one thing to say you think a guy’s attractive — which many normal girls Amanda’s age think about Drake — and it’s yet still somewhat okay to say you want to hook up with a guy on Twitter. However, it’s not exactly okay to say this. And to tweet it out to over 325,000 followers and the millions more who could see it? Let’s just say it’s oversharing.

Amanda Bynes’ Past History Of Twitter Oversharing

There’s always the possibility that Amanda’s account was hacked — the only other tweet she’s sent since this one simply said, “Twerking out” — but we say no way. First of all, Amanda has already taken to Twitter to declare her Drizzy obsession. Just a week ago on Mar. 14, Amanda tweeted a picture of Drake with the caption, “@drake is a hot fellow :D.”
And don’t forget that in 2010 Amanda dated another rapper, Kid Cudi, and was dumped after oversharing their relationship on Twitter, saying other sexually charged things like, “so turns out i prefer chocolate over vanilla. Interesting :).”

Dang, homie better leave her alone, she’s trouble. Not to mention she would tell all his business. Just Sayin’



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