Ashanti Interviews Ex-BF Nelly About His Love Life (VIDEO)

We don’t know how Ashanti and Nelly sat through this interview, but it’s definitely the funniest clip of the week. Ashanti interviews celebs for Fuse TV, and when the time came for her to kick it with Nelly on camera, she bossed up and did just that.
Nelly, who is dating the very sexy Tae Heckard now and has been denying his relationship with Ashanti for years, was not comfortable at all – he stuttered through almost the entire interview and both he and Ashanti found it difficult to formulate any complete sentences. 
Ashanti used the moment to bring out the big guns! With a giggle, she said to her ex-flame:
“Let’s talk about the type of girls you like.”
Yes, she made sure to make “girls” plural and surprisingly, the question actually lightened up the mood a bit.
One of Nelly’s funnier responses was:
“A nice set of thighs always helps!”
You don’t say….Check out the rest of Nelly’s interview where he talks relationship deal breakers and the evolution of hip-hop below


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