SNEAK PEEK: Selena Gomez "Come & Get It" (VIDEO)

Being Selena Gomez looks like fun, doesn’t it? Everywhere you go, people are trying to dress you up in beautiful outfits and style you like some ridiculous character:  Bhangra princess! 1920s flapper! Video game heroine! Karaoke superstar!
The video for her new single “Come & Get It” doesn’t look quite as high-concept as all that — based on the 30-second trailer that was just unveiled, the clip just looks lush and fantastical, like it probably has lots of glamour shots of Selena  looking stunning in majestic locales and not much else. (That’s fine — it’s what we’re all here to see, anyway.) There’s vibrant fields of flowers and an underwater sequence and lots of flowing fabric (based on this video, Selena literally loves fabric) and she’s wearing bold red lipstick.
check out the new trailer.
Click here to find out more!


She looks gorgeous in this video, like she always does. You go! Just Sayin’


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