Inside The Cribs Of The 10 Richest Athletes In The United States (LIST)

Just so you can feel better about what you’re doing with your stupid life, Sports Illustrated released their annual Sports Illustrated Fortunate 50 list, which lists the 50 highest earning athletes in the United States.
If you saw the list last year, then you shouldn’t be surprised by number one: boxer Floyd Mayweather, who is expected to make $90 million this year (from two bleepin’ fights, people). 
If you wanna see the entire 50, you should click on the link, but here’s the top 10 in a nice little chart (jacked from BoxingScene🙂
There’s a lot of moolah on that list. So how are these dudes really living? Scroll down to see where they live and what they spend their cash on. 
Floyd Mayweather:
When Floyd Mayweather’s not in the ring, terrorizing foes and keeping his undefeated record perfect, the hall-of-fame boxer could be found in his $9 million dollar crib located in Las Vegas. It’s not just Floyd either: The entire Money Team kicks it in Floyd’s mansion. (Word on the streets is that even Ray J has a cove.) This crib is so legit, it has its own Twitter. (PHOTOSOURCE: HipHopWired)  
LeBron James:
You want proof that LeBron James is really ridin’ around and gettin’ it? Check out this receipt from the time LeBron James spent 100k in a Las Vegas club (via Buzzfeed🙂 
Need more proof? Take a look at the $9 million house LeBron bought when he joined the Miami Heat three years ago. It’s located in the super rich Coconut Grove neighborhood.
Drew Brees:
Drew Brees might not be as flashy as some of the other guys on this list, but trust us when we say dude knows how to live. Brees, who until recently was the highest paid NFL quarterback in the league, has a mean house in New Orleans, one he showed off for CBS last year.
Kobe Bryant:
It took Kobe over two years, and it cost him nearly $9 million dollars, but in 2012, the future hall-of-famer was able to buy his dream house in Orange County. Luckily for him, he’s living there with his wife, Vanessa Bryant, and not trying to figure out a way to physically cut the property in half.  
Tiger Woods:
For years, Tiger Woods was the highest paid athlete in the United States. Then, you know, that thing happened, and he lost a ton of endorsements. But there is still plenty money in the bank: the golfer recently bought a $60 million dollar mansion in Florida.

Phil Mickelson 
Who knew that golfers were making so much bank? Golfing has been especially lucrative to Phil Mickelson, who is on pace to make damn near $40 million this year. We couldn’t find any proof of him throwing it up in a strip club (unfortunately). But we did find out that he was trying to buy the San Diego Padres baseball team. He was also selling off a lot of his property last year, including this kick ass house he had in Cali. 
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose is probably the most low-key basketball player in the NBA, so there’s not a lot known about how he BMFs: However, we know he copped himself a $2 million condo in Chicago last year. 
Peyton Manning 
After spending most of his career playing for the Colts, Peyton Manning moved on to greener pastures, signing a new deal with the Denver Broncos. With that new deal came a phat new $4 million dollar crib. 
Alex Rodriguez
Just months after copping himself a massive home in Miami, Alex Rodriguez put his home on the market for nearly $40 million. There were no buyers, so he’s renting it out now to some poor sap for $120,000 month.
Zack Greinke 
Zach Greinke got himself paid last year when he signed a $147 million deal with the LA Dodgers. So why not blow some of it on dope new crib, which he did earlier this year.

I can’t even imagine in my wildest dreams of having millions of dollars in my bank account. These people are lucky and talented as hell. Good for them. They sure are Living Large. Just Sayin’

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