My Disney World Trip 2013

Believe it or not I am glad to be home from Disney World. It was nice to have a change a scenery from my house.  I was so excited. We have never been to Disney World, only Disney Land. When we went to Disney Land the kids were all so small they didn’t really remember. 

So, I have been really looking forward to this trip because it would be the first time we have been on a family trip that everyone can actually participate in and enjoy.

First of all the drive took 18 hours so with 6 of us we decided to split it into 2 days driving there and 2 days driving back, which was still long with bathroom breaks, snack breaks or just needing to stretch. Then at night we’d check into a hotel. The drive was long, but on the way there we didn’t mind the long ride cause we had Disney World to look forward to. 

It seems easier for our family of 6 to drive then fly. Flying is so expensive now a days and you can only bring certain things with you, so for a family of 6, damn that would probably kill our wallet.  Not to mention we couldn’t bring all that we actually needed to. So the good thing about driving is we get to take everything but the kitchen sink with us.  We also have transportation at Disney World instead of waiting on trams and trains to take us around. Plus we can go anywhere we wanted when we wanted.

Not to mention we were able to eat off the resorts at normal resteraunts that don’t cost a mint.  Everything and anything on the resorts cost a mint, just be prepared.  So, that was the benefits of our family driving.  I guess sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad.

But, we finally made it and it to the resort and it was huge. They had a whole bunch of resorts to stay at not to mention food, games and swimming, mini golf and so much more.  So the first day we got there we stayed around the resort and the kids went swimming. We stayed at the Art of Animation Resort in the Cars section. Everything was Cars themed in the room and out. It was cool and the kids just loved it. My kids played games, We went mini golf after that which was so much fun (and expensive has heck) we went back to our room to get rest for the morning excursion to the Disney Parks.
Day 2 we checked out Hollywood Studios, which was so much fun. The girls tried out for American Idol, which was fun. We took pictures with all the characters, we ate lunch (buffet)  with the characters (which cost another arm and a leg). You may not know but with my OCD I think everything has germs, so the buffet was not my cup of tea.  So, I didn’t even eat. All I could think about is how many people touched the handles of the spoons and didn’t wash their hands after bathrooms or picking their butts or nose, then they scoop the food. I did have my sanitizer so I wiped everything down for the kids, including the kids.  I really wish they would have someone with gloves on that serves the food, oh, well back to my trip. We saw all we could and rode the rides we could. I don’t ride rides cause I am terrified and my 3 year old was too short for some rides so me and him hung together during the big rides.

Day 3 we went to Animal Kingdom which was cool.  I love seeing the animals. We took a boat tour, saw shows and I even did some dancing. Yeah I know.

Day 4 Magic Kingdom was great. It was hot that day and the bugs were everywhere. Besides all of that it was a nice day. There was so much to see. I know we didn’t get through the whole park. We had to go back to Magic Kingdom again on Day 5 to finish as much of the park as we could. We were too tired to stay for the parade an fireworks.

Day 5 Epcot / Magic Kingdom. Epcot was nice but did not a lot for the younger kids. We did a few fun things then we decided to go back to Magic Kingdom to see the parade and fireworks.  It was late and I was crabby, hungry and tired.  Each day at the park we spent at least 6 to 8 hours. So every part of my body was killing me by the end of this day.  Let’s just say every night before bed me and Brent was taking Motrin like it was candy.

We tried to see as much as I could in the little time we had.  We would need at least 2 weeks to see everything without breaking our neck, but I am happy for what we saw and experienced together as a family.
the next day we were gonna be leaving so we got up early and

went and hung out at the pool before we got back on the road again. My time at the pool consist of watching our stuff, swatting bugs, taking pictures and going inside to buy a $13.00 bottle of spray sun block lotion( can you believe that rip off) since we ran out. 

Make sure to bring your own stuff, cause it will cost a lot on the resorts or the parks for anything even bottled water.

So after the swimming, we packed up the car and got on our

way home.  Buy this time we were all exhausted and tired and ready to get home. Of course we were not looking forward to the long ride home.

So besides the long drive, we had a blast. The rooms were clean, the resorts were clean and the people around the Disney World area were great. It seemed like everywhere we went people were so polite.  There was one resuraunt we went to had a guy waiting on us and he act liked we were bothering him, so we got up and told him we will be leaving. He didn’t seem to care.  

Not to mention this lady I had to tell off at the Disney park, because she yelled at my child. That is when I had to turn black on her……..I was like “oh, no she didn’t”. So I had to become kind of loud.  Ok here is the story. My husband bought us some popcorn and we were sitting down waiting for the parade to beginning and this duck walked all the way up to us and was trying to be next in line to eat our popcorn. So I threw some popcorn the other way so the duck would leave. Well the duck kept coming back and it was

trying to dip its beak in our popcorn like it paid forhalf.  So I threw some more to make it leave and it just kept repeating itself. So my daughter got up and stomped her feet towards the duck to make him leave.  Well the Disney worker lady saw that and yelled at my daughter.  Oh, hell no… was on then.  Let’s just say I got my point across. At least they didn’t kick us out of the park, just joking. I told her off but I did not use profanity or anything.

 I hope we can do it again sometime and maybe instead of doing all the running in the parks, we can maybe lounge around the resort.  That’s okay, this trip was mostly for the kids and I know they had a blast.

I spent my Mothers Day in the car driving home.  My family didn’t forget about me though.  I got they gave me a Pandora bracelet for Valentine’s day and my honey and all the kids brought me charms for it.  It was beautiful.  I guess I am loved after all.

Besides being cramped in a car for 10 hours on Mothers Day, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…..okay, maybe instead of being in the car I would have like to be on a plane or maybe shopping for shoes or purses, but other than that Our Vacation was a Success.

  Check out some of our pics. Just Sayin’


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