And Your ‘American Idol’ Winner Is…


Candice Glover has officially joined the ranks of Kelly ClarksonCarrie Underwood, and the nine other winners of American Idol. The singer shed tears and embraced runner-up Kree Harrison as the judges gave her a standing ovation during Thursday’s 2-hour season finale. After hugging about as many people as she could get her arms around, Candice didn’t say much because she was just crying too hard.

She barely got out a choked-up reference to her long relationship with the show. “I can’t even — oh my God — three years!”

For those who haven’t been following every little detail this season, Candice previously appeared on the 9th and 11th seasons of Idol. In the 9th she was eliminated in the round of 70 after forgetting the lyrics to Adele’s “Chasing Pavements,” and in the 11th she was cut after singing “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” with DeAndre Brackensick and eventual runner-upJessica Sanchez. So her eventual victory must have been that much sweeter.

Candice’s victory wasn’t exactly unexpected. The singer finished strong in her past two weeks of performances, and the number crunchers at and called it for Candice before the show started Thursday. And Vegas oddsmaker Johnny Avello of Wynn Las Vegas told us he was her pick to win as soon as the show cut to the top 20.“She’s absolutely great,” he said. “What makes her so great is she can change vocals, she can change genres. She’s just all around a great great singer, and they don’t always win the show.”
Candice and Kree finished the show together despite their close competition, dueting on Burt Bacharach’s “One Less Bell To Answer” before the results were announced. After being named the new winner, Candice sang her new single, “I Am Beautiful” with tears still streaming down her face, giving one of her most emotional performances of the season. The song took on a new power as she sang, “I am beautiful, and I deserve better things.”
Well you’ve got them now, Candice. Congratulations!
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