Paris Jackson Was ‘Bullied’ At School: Cause Of Alleged Suicide Attempt?

Paris Jackson, 15, was reportedly being bullied by her school classmates, before her alleged suicide attempt on June 5. Paris “felt like an outsider” and struggled to fit in, and this is why she allegedly tried to take her own life.

Paris Jackson Felt Bullied By Classmates

Paris, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, recently admitted that she had been the target of bullies at school, and that she was feeling “like an outsider” as she struggled to fit in.
She has been complaining recently about feeling bullied at school,” an insider told E!. “She does not have very many true friends there, and she doesn’t feel like she really fits in there.”
She’s very creatively minded and felt like an outsider,” said the source. “She hasn’t been feeling very happy there at all.”
This is so sad. Paris was also being bullied over Twitter, and it appears that she could no longer handle the unnecessary attention she was receiving.

Paris Jackson’s Suicide Attempt — Reportedly Used Meat Clever To Cut Wrists .Paris allegedly tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists with a meat cleaver, shortly after taking prescription medication and writing a suicide note, previously reported. After swallowing the pills, Paris reportedly called the suicide hotline, and the person she spoke with alerted 911.

After being rushed to a California hospital around 2 a.m., Paris was given stitches was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold.
My thoughts and prayers are with Paris and her family at this difficult time, and we hope she gets the help she needs. I’m Just Sayin

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