How to Raise a Boy

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Boys in general are loud, active, physical, and competitive.  We tend to try and prevent this behavior, fearing that it will get out of hand.  But active behavior is not necessarily aggressive behavior.  Many times we punish a boy, just for being a boy.  If supervised and taught properly, their roughhouse play can be wholesome and even a positive outlet for their energy.

Provide a Positive Role Model
The best way to raise a great son is for that boy to have a great father.  “Men are extremely important in giving boys messages about being a man.”  Says Geoffrey and Michael Thompson, in “The Search for Masculinity: Growing Up Masculine”.  If there is no father in the home, maybe a grandfather, or an uncle, or even a teacher can be a positive role model for him.

Stop Bad Behavior Immediately
If their play is hurting someone, stop it immediately.  Set limits.  There is no reason or excuse to hit, bite, or push.  And “stop” means stop.  Help them find better alternatives to express themselves.  Encourage verbal expressions of their feelings.  Always follow through with consequences.  And punish without being abusive.

Give them Physical Outlets
Let them work.  Give them chores to complete.  It will build their character and their self-esteem (and release some extra energy).  Trust them and give them responsibility and then praise them when they follow through.  Help them grow by giving them a job that is a little bit bigger than they think they can handle.

Encourage Education
Many problems can be averted by reading and writing.  Find areas that they are interested in and encourage them to study them.  Support them at school and motivate them to further their education past high school.

Be Positive
Say “yes” more than you say “no”.  Give them the space that they need and encourage them to grow.  Catch them being good and praise them as often as possible.  But most of all, relax, have fun, love him, and show him that you love him!

I have 2 sons and I want to make sure they grow up to respect women as well as others and be beautiful caring people. Every little piece of advice helps. Not to mention the Man they have in their life is there father and he is one of the best men I know. Just Sayin’


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