Kids in a New Delhi slum quickly learned how to use a computer with no one there to teach them!

Computers are manmade objects. We are not born knowing how to use them. In many ways, there is very little about a computer that it is intuitive. Of course, this depends on your nature. Sugata Mitra may disagree about this though.
As part of Mitra’s research as an educator, he and his colleagues installed a networked PC into a the side of a outside facing wall in a slum in New Delhi, India. They then left this “hole in the wall” computer open for the local children to use.
With no training or previous computer knowledge, these slum children were quickly able to figure out how the computer operated. The children worked together to explore the PC and the Internet it was connected to. This experiment spurred Mitra’s extensive research on self-organized learning. This research later was the inspiration for the Oscar winning film “Slumdog Millionaire.”



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