Kmart Commercial Parody ‘Kmart Knickers’: Funny Or Offensive (UPDATE)

If you haven’t seen Kmart’s controversial and creative wordplay commercials “Big Gas Savings” and “Ship My Pants“, then you’re missing out on some major laughs.
And like viral videos that have come before these irreverent gems, the ads have been turned into songs and inspired parodies. But there’s one nod to Kmart’s ad campaign that is giving us pause — “Kmart Knickers” by TheGunfordmay.
The video creators aim to find laughs by replacing the word “niggers” with “knickers” as actors share the ways they plan to use their new purchases — all of which reference black stereotypes.
One customer says “I bought some work knickers for the yard,” while another professes “I have my lazy knickers for lounging around in the house.” And it gets worse. After watching a man proclaim “I got me some dancin’ knickers” while busting out into a shuck-n-jive, you can then witness a customer being told that his knickers are shippable to anywhere in the world…by boat. WTF?
Surprisingly there’s one black actor in the video who plays a shocked bystander. Perhaps his participation in the project might be enough to make viewers feel at ease as one YouTube commenter wrote, “there’s one black guy so it’s OK.”
Check out the “KMart Knickers” video parody above and let us know what you think of it in the comments section. 
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The “KMart Knickers” commerical parody is…

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Kmart hasn’t issued an official statement, however the company has responded to backlash regarding this parody video via Twitter. 

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