The Miami Heat are the 2012-2013 NBA Champions

Game 7s are some of the most memorable moments in professional sports. On Thursday theMiami Heat were able to stave off run after run by the San Antonio Spurs to win their second straight NBA Championship by the score of 95 to 88. This enthralling game brought a close to what was a captivating series and the 2012-2013 NBA season.

Unlike some of the other games in the series, nether the Spurs or the Heat were able to pull away by double digits at any point in the game. San Antonio came out early and took a large lead, but the Heat would pour it on to lead for the majority of the game. But in the end the Spurs would force both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to play the jump shot game just to lose by that same style.
In garnering his second straight Finals MVP title to accompany his regular season MVP, James put his stamp on this game early. Continuing the trend of holding the highest scoring average in Game 7s, LeBron ended the night with 37 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. What made his performance so interesting is that he embraced what the Spurs were giving him and hit jump shot after jump shot. Although he shot poorly for much of the post season from behind the three point line he made 5 of 10 tonight and seemed to do so at moments when the Heat needed the momentum boost.
James wasn’t alone though as Wade played above his previous performances as well. He was very aggressive from the start and although looking fatigued at points, he brought in 23 points and 10 rebounds of his own. Shane Battier let everyone know that even though he lost playing time to Mike Miller, he was still able to hit big shots when called upon. All 18 of his points came from beyond the arc as he hit 6 of his 8 attempts on the night.
San Antonio would not go away at any point in this game. Led by Tim Duncan’s 24 points and 12 rebounds, they would answer the call and even take the lead late. Kawhi Leonard was all over the court as his 19 points and 16 rebounds kept the game close at key points when the Spurs needed him. Manu Ginobili had 18 points but made key mistakes late in the game that would lead to turnovers and Miami points. Parker, who seemed to be tired from the Game 6 action, was only able to earn 10 points in the final game of the season.

With this win the Miami Heat closed out the 2012-2013 NBA season that saw them win 66 games, which included a streak of 27 straight. While the playoffs were not pretty for them in any shape or form, they were able to win their second title in as many years and now look towards the off season where they, as with every other team in the league, have concerns that need to be addressed

.Chris Bosh held the NBA championship trophy, LeBron James stood atop a double-decker bus with a cigar in his mouth, and Chris Andersen flapped his arms in a nod to his “Birdman” moniker.

The NBA champion Miami Heat were in quite a mood to party on Monday.Players, families, staff members and friends crammed buses, flatbed trucks and cars for the parade honoring the latest Heat championship, with the caravan snaking its way through downtown Miami before a huge crowd of fans. A crowd of up to 400,000 was expected on a hot, steamy morning where the heat index reached the mid-90s by 11 a.m.

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