Lindsay Lohan needs more time in rehab?

Lindsay Lohan has been advised to voluntarily extend her stay in rehab.

The 26-year-old actress, who is due to complete her 90-days of court-ordered treatment on July 31, as part of a plea deal she struck to avoid jail for lying to police about driving during a car accident last year, recently moved from the Betty Ford Center in California to Cliffside Malibu, and the CEO of her new facility believes that celebrities need longer to heal because they often have “treatment resistant” addictions as they think they are “special”.
Although he did not specifically mention the ‘Scary Movie V’ star, who has been in rehab six times, by name, in a new article for Psychology Today, Cliffside Malibu CEO, Richard Taite, wrote: “The celebrities that so many people ask about, the ones who go to rehab after rehab without getting better, often have [“treatment resistant”] addiction.
“Celebrities who have been classified as ‘treatment resistant’ have come to believe that they are in every way special, and as such, the rules of life and recovery do not apply to them.
“It is a belief that you are so special, that you’ll literally kill yourself before you ‘submit’ to the process that it takes to find true recovery.
“Celebrities are particularly prone to this problem as they are constantly catered to. Their status and ability to earn money for a huge number of people [is] dependent on their ‘specialness.’
“But having the ability to command that all your M&Ms be green, or having thousands of people buy a certain hat because you wore it last week is actually a detriment in the area of recovery.”
Dr. Taite suggested that the actress could need extra treatment so that she does not relapse again in the future and warned her not to let other people take advantage of her.

He explained: “To recover from addiction, the addict must open up to caring professionals. These people often need longer stints in treatment than the average — something their dependents and entourages are not keen on, because the stay in rehab means no money coming in for those who live off another’s fame.” 

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I hope Lindsay is really getting the help she needs and she is taking this seriously.  She is such a talent and can really turn her life and career around if she can get well.  I hope to see her on the road to recovery very soon. Just Sayin’


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