Jay-Z Signs NBA Star Kevin Durant to Roc Nation Sports

Kevin Durant, Jay-Z, Twit PicTwitter
A slam dunk for Jay-Z!
The rapper’s new sports agency, Roc Nation Sports, has signed NBA star Kevin Durant.

On Monday, the Oklahoma City Thunder forward tweeted a picture of himself and Jay-Z finalizing the paperwork and writing: “Grateful for this opportunity with Roc Nation Sports. It’s go time.”

A quote attributed to Jay-Z was also included with the photo.
“He has a 90.5 free throw shooting rate, the youngest player in NBA history to join the 50-40-90 club. A giving individual and a legend in the making. What more can I say?”
It was rumored last week, when Jay-Z became licensed to represent NBA players, that Roc Nation Sports would sign Durant.
In addition to Durant, Jay-Z’s other clients include the New York Yankees’ Robinson Cano and the New York Jets’Geno Smith.

Damn, can Jay-Z have his name involved with anything else. Homie’s got his business on lock.  Good for him.  I won’t be surprised if next we see Jay-Z Barbecue Sauce. You know how us black people like our BBQ. Just an idea.  I’m Just Sayin’


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