Back Together! Justin Timberlake Featured on Jay-Z’s Upcoming Track, "Holy Grail"

The boys are back!
Jay-Z is partnering up with Justin Timberlake once again, this time for the song “Holy Grail” off of his upcoming albumMagna Carta Holy Grail.
Mr. Carter broke the news of the collaboration earlier today, while details were only made available to users of the Samsung Galaxy app that’s releasing his album days before it hits stores on July 4.
The lyrics to the song were also released on the app today, giving fans a glimpse at what’s in store on the album.
The song features a reference to Nirvana‘s hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with the chorus including: “And we all just / Entertainers / And we’re stupid / And contagious”
The rapper touches upon his daughter, Blue IvyMichael Jackson and even Mike Tyson in what will undoubtedly be a hit song.
Timberlake and Jay are about to head on the road together for the Legends of the Summer Stadium Tour, which will take them across the country from July 17 through Aug. 16.


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