Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Birthday In Rehab: Carvel Ice Cream Donates Cake!

var linkwithin_site_id = 923767; Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 27th birthday at Cliffside Rehab Center in Malibu with her attorney, Shawn Holley, and a cake donated by Carvel that she shared with other patients, is exclusively reporting.

A judge and prosecutor signed off recently on Lindsay’s transfer from Betty Ford to Cliffside Rehab Center. The actress has been court ordered to spend 90 days in rehab.

The starlet “didn’t like spending her birthday in rehab, but she managed to to make the best of it,” an insider told Radar exclusively. “Carvel donated a delicious ice cream cake, and her attorney, Shawn Holley dropped by to have some cake.

“Lindsay shared her birthday cake with the other patients, which everyone enjoyed. Lindsay seems to be in a very good place, and is responding very well to treatment at Cliffside.”
Visiting day at Cliffside is on Sundays, but her attorney, can visit anytime. Lohan’s friends are planning on celebrating her belated birthday on Sunday at Cliffside.
It’s been a bumpy road for Lindsay’s latest stint at recovery. Lindsay was unhappy with Betty Ford from the beginning and begged the judge and prosecutors to allow her to leave and they finally acquiesced and agreed to let her to move to Cliffside.
She still has about half of her sentence to complete in this rehab facility, as the insider said “she is scheduled to be released at the beginning of August.”
Upon LiLo’s release from rehab, she will be jetting off to the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of her movie, The Canyons.
Tenille Houston, one of Lohan’s co-stars in the movie, previously told us, “We were originally going to have the premiere in June but it got switched around so Lindsay could be there. And we’re going to be in the Venice Film Festival also and I’m going and so is Lindsay.”
The Canyons will be in theaters Aug. 2 in New York, and Los Angeles (as well as VOD and iTunes) the following week.

Happy Birthday to Lindsay….Hope she is able to have many more. I really do wish her the best and I hope she is able to get back to 100% real soon. 
 Just Sayin’

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