A Look At Kanye’s God Complex On His New Album "Yeezus"

It’s been a big few weeks for Kanye West. In prep for his new album, he broke his usual press silence and sat down with the New York Times — to give one of his most self-aggrandizing and hilariously quotable interviews yet. (Lines like ‘I am the Steve Jobs of culture’ were the norm.) Then his album leaked, which is a fact of life for just about everyone these days except Kanye, who’s known for going to extreme lengths (secure external hard-drives to transport music, a limited team) to keep his music on lockdown.

But before that could become too big of deal, he became a father, when his girlfriend Kim Kardashian gave birth to an early but healthy baby girl (after giving the royal family a run for their money in terms of over-hyped births). 

And now, finally at long last, the album, Yeezus, is dropping. Early reviews have called it erratic, brash and surprising, but in a positive way. Writing in the LA Times, Randall Roberts said: 

“Those who can’t stomach the polarizing Chicago artist and producer will have a replenished arsenal at their disposal. Those looking for a progressive, assured and kaleidoscopic rap album, though, should pop it on at full volume and close your eyes.”

To get a little taste, check out this performance of Weezy at Governors Ball, debuting a song off the new record, “I Am A God.”


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