Rihanna’s Trayvon Martin Instagram Focuses On Baby Brother, ‘Phucked’ System

Rihanna took to Instagram on Sunday morning, voicing her opinion on the trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting death of the late 17-year-old Florida man Trayvon Martin. The 25-year-old singer spoke out on the matter the morning after Zimmerman was found not guilty.
“A child was gunned down for no reason!”Rihanna wrote. “And nothing about that sounds like murder? My baby brother is 17, this rocked my whole shit! #thesystemisandhasalwaysbeenphucked”
Rihanna isn’t the only celebrity to comment on the matter. Beyonce held a moment of silence for Martin at her Nashville show on Saturday evening, singing the chorus to “I Will Always Love You” as a part of the tribute. Rapper Young Jeezy made his stance known in the form of a song. Jeezy recorded a track called “It’s A Cold World” about the incident and the trial. “I am in no way shape, form, or fashion am trying to capitalize off of the latest series of events,” Young Jeezy said in a statement. “These are my true feelings and my form of expression about it.”


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