Bill Clinton Returns the Favor, Offers Up His Best Bono Impression

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Even better than the real thing it’s not.

But Bill Clinton’s impression of Bono was a valiant, if ultimately cringe-inducing, effort—at least in our humble opinion.

The 42nd president offered up his take on the U2 frontman’s Irish brogue, including donning a pair of shades in a nod to Bono’s signature sunglasses, while being interviewed by CNN’s Piers Morgan for his Clinton Global Initiative Wednesday.

This after the rock star gave a spot-on impersonation of Clinton—Arkansas drawl and all—which drew big laughs just a day before at another CGI panel.

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Bono did so after the erstwhile commander in chief was running late and when the latter finally did show, he and the activist-singer got down to business discussing this year’s CGI theme Mobilizing for Impact and how NGOs can create strategic partnerships to leverage their resources.

Bono and Clinton have a history together of both working together and having some fun together; the U2 frontman and bandmate The Edge even crooned “Happy Birthday” to the former president at his Decade of Difference concert a few years back.

So duelling impressions between pals? We guess turnabout’s fair play.

It’s funny how so many people can impersonate Bill Clinton so well. But I never thought in a million years that    Bono would be one of them. Just Sayin’ 

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