John Mayer Opens Up About His Duet With Girlfriend Katy Perry on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It’s no secret that John Mayer and Katy Perry make beautiful music together.
The crooner stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, Oct. 3, to dish about his upcoming album, Paradise Valley. But it was his collaboration with his on-again girlfriend on the track “Who You Love” that was the main topic of conversation.

“You guys have a duet here, a song you wrote together,” Jimmy Kimmel said to Mayer.
“Yeah,” Mayer responded.
When asked what it was like to work together in the studio, the singer gushed, “She was fantastic.”
“It was a really great experience and the song is one of these like old FM ’70s and ’80s sort of like duets,” he said. “And I listened back to it; it’s, like, really convincing. And I watched it get made and I’m still kind of taken aback.”

“Who You Love” is a sweet melody that tells the story of opening your heart up and allowing yourself to fully love the person in your life—or specifically to “love who you love, who you love” (don’t worry, Mayer repeats this a million times in case you forget the point…or the track title).

The “Roar” singer recently opened up to Billboard magazine about how her boyfriend is a “genius” at crossword puzzles.

“It is true, but with a huge caveat,” Mayer revealed to Kimmel. “That I can do, it is the New York Times puzzle but it’s just the Monday.”
But, still!
“That’s very sweet of her to call me a genius,” he said.

Now, I love John Mayers music.  My question is how the hell does he get such hot women? I must say that him and Katy do look happy together. Just Sayin’

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