Justin Bieber Reportedly Assaults Tour Manager at a Nightclub in South Korea

 Justin Bieber is facing accusations that he assaulted a DJ’s tour manager at a club in South Korea.

According to sources, the 19-year-old was at Eden in Seoul when he had an altercation with DJ Michael Woods and his tour manager, Alex Madden. Bieber then reportedly punched Madden in the face.

The dispute began when the “Heartbreaker” singer asked Woods to play hip-hop music.

“Story is @justbieber + his army of heavy security muscled in to the booth half way thru my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop.,” Woods tweeted on Saturday, Oct. 12. “So when I told @justinbieber to f–k off and put some clothes on he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and fled behind a wall of security,” he continued.

Bieber’s rep had no comment about the incident. The club promoter reportedly claims that no punch was thrown


According to reports, Bieber, who according to sources was acting “aggressive,” mouthed off to Woods and Madden. He then asked one of his bodyguards to slap Madden but the bodyguard didn’t obey, so Bieber then took matters into his own hands and approached the manager and said “Hey.” When Madden looked, Bieber punched him in the face. Bieber ran away behind his bodyguards after the alleged punch and the bodyguard pushed Madden back so he couldn’t go after the singer.

A shirtless Bieber can be seen in photos at the DJ booth.

It has not yet been decided if he will report the alleged assault to local police.

The club reportedly backed Bieber and kicked Woods off his set after the fight.

A rep for Woods is not commenting any further. Madden could not be reached for comment.


Now,see everybody’s worried about Miley Cyrus they need to be worried about Justin Bieber. for some reason its okay for him to damage things, pea in buckets, spit on people,punch people, not to mention if he’s got all that damn money, can’t he get a shirt . People seem to brush that off like that’s just being a boy, and nobody seems to talk about that.

Miley, runs around in skimpy outfits, sticks out her tongue and does provocative dances and she’s the one were worried about? 

Remember they’re both around the same age and they are both in the same boat. They are rich young performers that can influence     our kids.   It seems to me like they’re both trying to find themselves.

He’s the one people should be worried about.  

In my opinion one looks far more destructive for our children than the other. If he keep it up he’s going to find himself in jail. But look on the bright side if he does go to jail it seems like he’ll be doing the things he loves to do….bulking up his muscles, beating people up, and being disrespectful, that’ll be an everyday occurrence for him in jail.

hmmm, maybe he can get some good inspiration and even write a hit album while he’s in there.

 I guess everyone has their own path, but damn, he needs to take a new road. This one looks like it’s gonna be a dead end. Just Sayin’.

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