This Is So Good It Will Make You Mad

Look, a lot of us have hit Miley Cyrus overload and found ourselves saying, “That’s it, no more.” But, apparently, we can’t stop… at least not while this practically perfect in every way a cappella version with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots exists.
The brilliant thing Fallon and company seems to do over and over again – with their classroom instruments series and now this – is strip away the hype and present pop songs in a state in which we can love them again, or in some cases, love them the first time. There’s no twerking or dancing bears here… just nine people filling our cold hearts with joy.
So give yourself a break, take a deep breath, and watch this clip… then watch it nine more times, focusing on a different square each go around. It’s worth it.
Damn, that was good. Just Sayin’

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