Girl, 18, ‘sexually assaulted by hospital worker while she faded in and out of consciousness as he took her blood pressure’

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Hospital horror: An 18-year-old Brooklyn girl claims she was sexually abused Thursday evening by an employee at the Brooklyn Hospital Center

A Brooklyn teen in the hospital after fainting on the subway has accused a hospital worker of sexually assaulting her Thursday while taking her blood pressure.
Taken to The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s emergency room Thursday night, the unidentified 18-year-old girl says the horrible hospital worker repeatedly took her hand and put it on his crotch. Cops are seeking a 55-year-old man for questioning.
This heinous act was committed with her mother standing only feet away behind a curtain, the girl told the New York Daily News.
‘I remember a nurse or someone trying to put a blood-pressure cuff around my arm,’ the girl told the paper between tears. ‘That’s when I started to wake up. The only thing that was going through my mind was, ‘open your eyes so you can see his face.’
The object of the perverted hospital employee’s desire found herself in the emergency room after beginning to feel dizzy and queasy on an A train headed for Manhattan, she told the paper.
‘The next thing I know, I blacked out,’ she added.
Fading in and out of consciousness, the girl recalled to the paper people asking her questions, rifling through her bag in search of identification, and even when EMTs wheeled her out of the subway on a stretcher.
Lost and confused: The girl became dizzy and blacked out at the Jay St-MetroTech subway station in Brooklyn
‘I couldn’t open my eyes,” she said. “I couldn’t speak. I just had in-and-out hearing,’ she explained.

Next thing she knew, a curtain was closing and her mother’s voice was on the other side, with the vile hospital worker committing his awful act.

He was gone before she could open her eyes, but she told her mother the sordid story.

The 37-year-old woman was appalled.

    ‘She grabbed my hand and told me what he did,’ she told the paper. ‘I couldn’t process it, I was beyond shocked.’
    ‘The last place you would believe that would happen is in the hospital,’ she added.
    The girl’s father called police as he raced to the hospital, the paper noted.
    Amazingly, the pervert showed up again, insisting on running an EKG on the girl.
    On the train: The girl was boarding the train to take it to Manhattan
    The father told the dreadful man to get lost, he told the paper, he vanished by the time cops arrived.
    Luckily for the girl, she suffered only a fainting spell, the paper said doctors told her family. She was released Friday.
    A hospital spokesperson declined to comment to the Daily News about the incident.
    The man’s victim isn’t angry, she pities the pathetic man, she told the paper.
    ‘I feel bad that he would go so low, that he is in such a dark place that he has to go so low,’ she said, ‘if anything, I feel bad for him.’

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