Justin Biebers , All That Matters, Great Wall Of China Video Leaks

Watch the video below!

Justin Bieber‘s Asian leg of his Believe tour clearly left him inspired! A video leaked of Justin, 19, singing his new love song,”All That Matters,” with China’s breathtaking scenery in the background. Do you think he filmed the video with Selena Gomez in mind, HollywoodLifers? After all, we know that Justin is trying hard to get her back!

Justin Bieber’s ‘All That Matters’ Video Leaks

So this is why Justin got carried to the top of the Great Wall of China! He was on his way to film a video there.
An unofficial video for “All That Matters” leaked on Oct. 15, showing Biebs touring different areas of China. The official version still hasn’t been released.
We love the gorgeous shots of Justin singing on the Great Wall and wandering through a colorful market. He’s also seen holding an adorable baby clutching a toy panda, and a camel makes a cameo! Justin even hugs a cute girl at the end of the video. Do you think he was wishing that he was with Selena?
In the video, Justin is wearing a black hat, sunglasses, a white sweatshirt and his signature baggy pants.
The video’s director, and Justin’s good friend Alfredo Flores, took to Twitter to express his disappointment at the leak.

Even though it was leaked, we can’t complain! But even though the “All That Matters” video is fun and lighthearted, there’s some real pain behind the song!

I guess it’s like they say…a picture is worth a thousand words.  And, we all had something to say about that picture of him being carried. Only, we all got upset over this picture because the way it looked and I guess we really didn’t know what was behind it. It was for a video.  Well I guess that’s why you should find out the facts before we judge. Just Sayin’

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