Named and shamed, college student, 19, who tweeted photos of a woman ‘being sexually assaulted on sidewalk’ just a block from a police station… but did not stop to help

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The photo, which MailOnline has cropped, shows the man kneeling down and performing a sex act on the woman against a wall
One of the onlookers who posted a picture on the internet of a girl being allegedly sexually assaulted on the street rather than help her bragged afterwards: ‘You don’t wanna get embarrassed? don’t do stupid s***’, MailOnline can reveal today.

Heartless Vance Blanc, 19, tweeted to a friend: ‘It was fun while it lasted’ when the image he took went viral. He took it down because of the growing row.

With no sign of repentance he joked with another pal: ‘Oh god haha’ after she tweeted that he had become ‘famous’ on the Internet.


Vance also said that he had to shut down one of his Twitter accounts because ‘apparently I “use twitter too much” so I’m deleting it…’

It was only when he realized just how offensive his posts were, did he tell one user on Twitter: ‘I am ashamed and have issued a statement with police aplogozing for being immature’.

He was responding to a tweet from a a former OU student called Kelsey Doyle who wrote to him: ‘Maybe when you grow up you’ll understand how ashamed you should be.’

The college student was one of at least two people who shared photos of the alleged sexual assault in Athens, Ohio, during an Ohio University Homecoming on Sunday.

The woman seen receiving oral sex in the photos and videos reportedly had no idea what happened to her until the next morning when she saw the photos online. About 10 people were watching the sex act taking place.

Many of the pictures have been taken down by the Instagram users who originally posted them, but news sites like Buzzfeed have republished them.

Police have confirmed that a sexual assault was reported on Sunday, but they have not said if the victim in question is the woman seen wearing a green top, jeans and brown boots in the photos online.
Disturbing: A different photo shows the woman passed out on the side of a street in Athens, Ohio Sunday morning following the Ohio University homecoming festivities on Saturday

MailOnline can reveal that, to his parents, Vance is a completely different person, and claims that he puts ‘God First’ in his life.

A high school volleyball star, he proudly stands next to them in one of his Twitter pictures.

MailOnline has reached out to Vance’s family in Bethel Park, PA for comment.

Like the others who were present at the time, did nothing to stop what they were seeing, and instead reached for their mobile phones.

The most striking image shows the man kneeling in front of the woman as she leans against a Chase bank.

It came from a Twitter account called @vy_vance which has been deleted but the Google cache reveals it has the same biographical information on it as Vance’s other Twitter account, @vance_joseph.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Vance said that he just happened to be walking along the street when he saw the girl allegedly being raped and said that he had never met her or her assailant before.

He stood there for ‘a few minutes’, took the picture and then posted it online.

Vance said: ‘She was awake. She was not passed out. I have heard rumours that she was passed out. That was not the case.’

Vance said that he deleted the image soon after and went to the police to give a statement.

He said: ‘I told the office that I put this picture up…when I realised how serious it was I immediately went down to the police and helped them.

‘I’m regretting it. I realise my mistake. If there’s any way my name could be kept out of it…I don’t want anything to happen in terms of my being able to stay at the university.

‘I’m worried about this. This is my education.’
Two sides: Blanc is a model student to his parents but the day before he took the picture of the girl he tweeted: '¿I like the weekend... because the only responsibility I really have is to not get arrested.¿

On October 13, the day of the alleged sexual assault, Vance tweeted the image with the caption: ‘So I witnessed this the other night. This is the photo’.

Vance sent it to @Huntermoore, who is the man behind the notorious now shuttered ‘Revenge Porn’ website Anyone Up?

He also tweeted it at @68StewartSt, a user who goes by the name of The Animal House who seems to be an OU student who puts on parties.

When the story went viral Vance was initially belligerent and tweeted: ‘You don’t wanna get embarrassed? don’t do stupid shit.’
    He later wrote: ‘Had to delete that pic tho… it was fun while it lasted’, and later still: ‘Don’t have the pic anymore. someone posted a video’.

    A few days later he wrote: ‘Apparently I “use twitter too much” so I’m deleting it…’

    When friend @mmichee7 sent him the Buzzfeed article and said: ‘Dude, you’re famous’, he replied: ‘Oh god haha’

    To his family, by contrast, Vance is a model pupil and an Ohio University Student who is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan. 

    Bragging: Unbelievably, Blanc sent a number of boastful tweets about hsi actions when it started to spread across the internet

    Bragging: Unbelievably, Blanc sent a number of boastful tweets about his actions when it started to spread across the internet


    In trouble: The tweets chart how reality slowly dawns on Blanc as to how stupid he has been
    Finally: After receiving a tweet about how he should be ashamed of himself, Blanc tweets his apology

    He played high school volleyball, talks openly about his love for his girlfriend and seems every inch the loving son.

    He recently Tweeted: ‘Bethel Park is bigger than the Storm squad. Bigger than the USC rivalry. It’s a family. It’s supportive.’

    He also wrote: ‘When I die, I know I’m going to heaven, cause I’ve spent most of my life in hell.’

    But the day before he took the picture of the girl being assaulted, he Tweeted: ‘I like the weekend… because the only responsibility I really have is to not get arrested.’

    What Vance did – or did not do – is now in the hands of the police.

    The captions of the photos indicate that the incident happened on Court Street in Athens.

    That same street is where a school marching band performed earlier on Saturday, with a large crowd filling the street.
    After seeing the image posted on Vance’s Twitter account, one user wrote: ‘Still can believe a dude was ****** *** on court street Saturday night in front of like 10 people’.

    Adding to the outrage in Athens is that the scene of the alleged crime a busy street but it was also one block away from the police station.
    Close for comfort: The photos suggest the alleged sexual assault took place against the Chase bank on Court Street which is about a block away from the police department

    Police are still investigating the case but the community is already going on the attack.

    ‘Some of us are really angered and disappointed that no one intervened and they just filmed it,’ said Allie Erwin, a student at Ohio University who leads an anti-rape group on campus.

    ‘Their first impulse was to share it on social media and make a mockery of something that was probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to her. 

    ‘There are other people who saw it as her asking for it and think it’s a joke. Basically they’re slut-shaming her for what happened,’ she said according to Metro.

    ‘The response on social media is kind of heartbreaking, how harsh and cruel people are being.’

    ‘I don’t know that we have a set time yet but we have a time frame we’re working with,’ police captain Ralph Harvey told local paper The Athens Messenger.

    ‘We’re looking at every aspect and everything that could possibly be a factor.

    ‘Whether (alcohol) was a factor or not may or may not have a bearing on the investigation, so it’s not something we would focus on, especially initially.’

    Mr Harvey said that the videos are being used in the case but that by no means equates to an open-and-shut case.

    ‘Any videos have to viewed with a grain of salt, even if they are the actual videos, because while it’s generally believed the video doesn’t lie, it’s one perspective on something,’ he said.

    ‘A lot of times you get some piece of evidence that’s the “smoking gun” when in reality that leads you to something else that makes you question something else you thought was an absolute, positive truth and maybe it’s not.’

    MailOnline has reached out to Captain Harvey.

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