‘Drunk’ driver, 31, flees from cops after exiting a McDonald’s drive-through in Ohio because he wanted to ‘finish his Big Mac’

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An Ohio man who nearly hit a pedestrian took police officers on a car chase out of a McDonald’s drive-through because he wanted to ‘finish his Big Mac’.

The 31-year-old Randall W Miller, from Hinckley, was chased by Brunswick police after a pedestrian reported that an SUV was speeding and nearly hit him at an intersection on September 28.

Police found the SUV exiting a McDonald’s drive-thru near Center Road, swerving outside his lane. 

They attempted to stop Miller, but he continued driving, eventually stopping a short while later at Grafton Road, according to Fox 8.
According to police, Miller apologised saying he was too drunk and wanted to eat his Big Mac burger before stopping. 
He continued to eat the sandwich during the stop until he was asked to complete field sobriety tests.
Police said Miller admitted to drinking 10 to 15 beers and added that it ‘wasn’t worth the trouble’.
Big Mac: The driver refused to pull over until he could finish his burger

A breathalyser test showed that Miller had a blood alcohol content level of .255, which is more than three times the legal limit in Ohio.

Police officers also said they found an open beer and several beer cans in the car.
Miller was cited and faces charges for failure to comply, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, driving under suspension and no operator’s license.

You know he was hungry as hell after all that drinking. 
He knew he was going to jail and he was hungry. 
He wanted to get that burger eaten before he was put in handcuffs. 
Not sure if I blame him. Just Sayin’

Hyper Smash

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