Bio: Welcome to The Adrienne Gale Experience! This is a blog site, not a news site. This is my personal blog. I find things around the web that I would like to share or like to talk about, as well as things that are on my mind at that time. Most of my comments end with Just Sayin' or I'm Just Sayin' and are based on my opinions and thoughts on what may already be reported in the media. I am not a journalist nor do I aspire to be. I am a amature blogger who created this site as a hobby. I try to on a regular basis but, I am a mother of 4 and there is not enough time in the day. But, I post when I can. I also have ups and downs with my mood (bipolar) so there might be some posts when I'm in one of those down moods. Just Sayin' All images on The Adrienne Gale Experience are readily available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain. Images posted are believed to be posted within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.) Claims of Infringement If you believe that any content appearing on The Adrienne Gale Experience infringes on your copyright, please me know. E-Mail theadriennegaleexperience@aol.com the content in question and the infringing material will be removed as soon as possible.

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